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Implant Supported Dentures: What you need to know

Implant supported dentures is a dentistry technique that combines both dentures and implants. When you have a regular denture fitted, this is simply fitted to the gums and will sit in place and can be removed. An implant supported denture is used when the patient doesn’t have any natural teeth in their jaw but there is enough bone left to support implants. Special attachments can then be secured to the implants. This type of denture is often used for the lower set of teeth where dentures can be problematic, but it can be used on both the upper and lower set of teeth.

There are two main types of implant supported dentures; single unit retained, and bar retained. For both types, the denture is constructed from an acrylic base that will replicate the appearance of natural gums. Natural looking teeth made from acrylic or composite are then attached to the base.

Single unit retained denture

Every implant that is placed in the jawbone will feature a small metal attachment that will fit into a female attachment which sits inside the denture. In most instances, an upper denture will need a minimum of 4 implants and a lower denture a minimum of 2 implants.

Bar retained denture

Between two and six implants are placed into the jawbone and then a thin metal bar will follow the curve of your jaw and will be attached to the implants. The denture then fits over the bar and is securely fixed in place with the attachments.

A dental implant is designed to completely replace your natural dental root and becomes a fixed component in your mouth. Implants using this technique will never move out of place and you can easily eat hard fruits or tough foods such as steak with relative ease.

If you have traditional dentures and they don’t seem to be a good fit for you, the implant supported denture may be a suitable option. If it’s something that you would like to consider further, do not hesitate to speak to us or contact us.

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