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Denture Myths: Exploring the Misconceptions


If you have been considering dentures to fill those missing gaps in your teeth or you need a full set of dentures you may be worried about the myths and concerns that are out there. In this article, we will look at some of the most common misconceptions about dentures so you can put your mind to rest and make an informed decision about whether they are right for you, without all the scare stories.

Myth: Dentures significantly reduce your chewing ability

This is perhaps one of the main concerns for anyone considering dentures but in reality, it’s just not true. Using dentures delivers much the same chewing ability as your natural teeth and they aren’t restrictive or stop you from eating certain types of foods and it’s easy to eat whatever you want.

Myth: It’s a decision that you will regret

If dentures have been something that you have been thinking about, they are probably something that you need, either because your dentist has recommended them, or you think they would be of benefit to you. Even though you will never have to face the dreaded dentist’s drill again. However, if your teeth have reached the point of no return then dentures may be the best option. Unless you absolutely don’t need them or you are forced into getting them, there’s no reason why it will be a decision that you will regret. Technology has advanced so much in recent years and dentures aren’t like what they once were. They are much more comfortable and easy to wear for a start.

Myth: Dentures are restrictive

As we mentioned earlier in this article, dentures don’t restrict your eating abilities. You can eat everything that you did before, so whether it was a chewy toffee, an apple or some French toast, your dentures will stay perfectly in place if they are properly fitted allowing you to enjoy your food in the same way you did with your natural teeth.

Myth: You need to use messy adhesives for the dentures to stay in place

Denture adhesives only need to be used if the dentures don’t fit properly and if they don’t then you definitely need to return to your dentist. A professional dental technician will make sure that the dentures perfectly fit the shape and size of your mouth, with a customised design that works for you. When your dentures are created the dentist will usually make a mould of your mouth to get the exact size and fit. When your dentures are a tight fit you won’t need to apply any adhesives, they should be held in place by the shape of your mouth.

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